(a sample collection of my poetry)


~ Towards The Ineffable ~

“Into those unknown lands you will venture
with your mind ignited by apprehension and awe
with your soul stirring with the springs of life
with your feet treading into the kingdom of self

The journey will be one of solitude and unease
the road will not be straightforward or well-trodden
and the way will drench you with discomfort and doubt
but into those unknown lands you will venture

outward across the plains of freedom
inward through the universe of yourself
tumbling down the rabbit-holes of your mind
tasting the fruits of life which you have starved for

you always felt it since you were a child
an inner pull to some ineffable joy
the magic of the universe waiting to be found
the treasure they told you wasn’t there – being there

and now as you walk toward it wild and free
the voices of fear will call you back
the caged souls will try to drag you down
the reflection in the water will turn and test you
but they will all fail like darkness against dawn

because into those unknown lands you will venture
bound by a desire to slip beyond the ordinary
unmoved by hate and ignorance
shaking off the shackles of slavery
unearthing the secrets of the soul
playing freely in the grass of eternity
swimming amongst the stars of infinity

discovering what it is

to truly – be alive

~ The Lion’s Roar ~

“There is a new age coming
I can feel it in the air
The winds of change will soon lift
A million minds out of despair

There is a new dawn beginning
I can see it in their eyes
The wilted flower will now blossom
And the caged bird will finally rise

There is a new adventure calling
I can hear the dying of the fear
The suppressed voices of those silent souls
Will soon sing out loud and clear

Because now is the turning of tides
When the water cannot be beaten
Now is the time of great hunger
When the lions have not yet eaten

And the hearts of fire will see no more clouds
As sunlight returns to their kingdom
And the wild ones will roar out loud
As they claim back those lands of freedom.”

~ The Mightiest Sword ~

“Pick up that pen and write like
you’re riding into war,
and the gods are on your front line

pick up that pen and write like
you’re an unknown gladiator,
and have the champion against the ropes

pick up that pen and write like
the monsters are closing in,
like words are the last line of defence

please, just pick up that pen and write
write the pain
the glory – the horror
write us the script of salvation

write like you’re the one to find us
the one to save us
the one to finally pull us out
the dark swamps of pain,
and lead us safely back
to the kingdom

of ourselves.”

~ The Last Flowers ~

The long storms have come and gone,
and here I stand drenched in the rains of my own madness,
offering you the last remaining flowers of my heart.

I am not one of the polished prizes I know.
I am scratched; I am scarred.
I am stained with a dirt of which I’ll never be cleansed,
but I still have some of my soul left and I hope that’s enough,
even though I suspect that it’s not.

Happiness never seems destined to those who love fully,
but still I can’t help but let my eyes lift to those horizons of hope
which have haunted me my entire life.

Something ineffable inside of me tells me that these flowers
have a home somewhere out there 
before they finally wither away and die.

And to that place I shall walk until the final breath of life has left my lungs.

To that place I shall walk to see my joy blossom,
if only for one fleeting moment,
in this bittersweet

and beautiful life.

~ A Familiar Place ~

She walked barefoot through the fields of my heart, 
untouchable like a ghost,
her skin shining in the sun
like the blazing light of the cosmos
in all its glory. 

And now the thoughts of what could have been
haunt those same fields as I sit alone in the night, 
hearing those voices of happiness echo in the wind
before I return to that still silence
I know all too well. 

Some of us are just never meant to feel that union of love;
to feel confirmed or completed by another soul. 

We have that empty space in the heart 
where we sit in solitude 
and stare into skies above, 
waiting to be liberated from our pain, 
waiting to be saved from our own madness

waiting for someone or something 
to come deliver us to a home 
we know deep inside 
we will never touch

nor feel.

~ Towards The Unreachable ~

Sorry for the mess but there is a form of madness that
possesses this slowly decaying heart of mine.

It corrupts and consumes me;
it pulls me relentlessly into the unknown lands beyond my horizons.

Towards that ineffable something I have ventured my entire life.

Beyond those horizons I look out for something
on those lonely mountain trails,
sitting in smoky bars in foreign lands,
staring out wistfully at the sad ocean sunsets.

My brain knows I can be no where else other than the here and now,
but this heart of mine will never fully grant me the peace it needs.

Manically it shall beat its way toward its inevitable death,

and until that happens I am cursed to be out on these wild plains,
lost among these mountains of madness,
relentlessly hunting the horizon for a home
that doesn’t exist
in this galaxy

or the next.

~ Perennial ~

“With a storm in your eyes and hate in your heart
You seek to strike me down and tear me apart
But know that within this soul exists a perennial joy
A wilderness of spring which you’ll never destroy

So bring on your thunder and darkened skies
Pour down your rain and watch my flowers rise
Ignite your hate with those flames of doom
And in that warmth watch my spirit bloom

I guess there are things you don’t know about me
Things under the surface which your eyes can’t see
Like how many times I’ve died and been reborn
And the way I have learnt to stand tall in the storm

So do you think your anger can wither me down?
Those lightning bolts leave me dead on the ground?
That dark energy only feeds my roots of desire
Giving me the fuel I need to keep growing higher

Because I am the survivor of torrential rain
Who has learned to dance in puddles of pain
I am the rose rising from a field of death
Living off the scraps of whatever life that is left
I am the dawn; I am the spring
I am the dead tree of winter now blossoming

So bring on your thunder and darkened skies
Pour down your rain and watch my flowers rise
Ignite your hate with those flames of doom
And in that warmth watch my spirit Bloom.”

~ Days of Glory ~

“The days when you are most alive are
when the demons are at your heel,
when madness becomes your vehicle,
when the gods sit on the edge of their seat.

The days when you are most alive are
when comfort and security are out of sight,
when the fear falls away into the dirt,
and the heavens linger on the horizon

The days when you are most alive are
when the script is torn into pieces,
when routine is eaten by chaos,
when normality malfunctions and
your soul is set bright ablaze.

The days when you are most alive are
the days that you will remember
the days that scold themselves into your heart
that burn forever behind your eyes
that haunt the hallways of your mind

they are the days of struggle and salvation
the days of risk and glory
the days that leave you smiling
as you sit content in old age
remembering how amazing it was
to have lived a life

worth dying for.”

~ Reckless Rebellion ~

“You’re reckless rebellion
I see it in your eyes
I slip through your retina
and I watch the flames rise
because you don’t move like they do
you don’t dance the same grooves
you look up when they look down
you sing soul when they sing blues
not everyone may notice
but its visible to me
the wistful look in your eye
is burning anarchy.”

~ The Hidden Wonderland ~

“Somewhere deep inside your soul
there is an abandoned amusement park
waiting to be explored again

its entrance is taped off
its grounds sit shrouded in fog
but somewhere in there lies eternal bliss
the bliss the demons sweat in terror
at the thought of you finding

the rides await your screams of ecstasy
the candy floss awaits your taste-buds
the neon lights wait to shine bright
and the only admission cost
is that you are brave enough to venture in

in this life there is no tragedy greater than
allowing your inner joy to slowly decay;
to allow the roller-coasters to rust in the rain
and let a heart creak hauntingly in the night

the reason this happens;
the reason your joy lies abandoned –
is because they made you forget
that you are the gatekeeper to your own wonderland
that the magic is found inside you, not outside

but if you would only remember who you really are
than the power will return within
the roller-coasters will start up again
and the lights blaze bright once more

because somewhere deep inside your soul
there is an abandoned amusement park
waiting to come alive again

so go on in
through the mist
beyond the tape
and rediscover the joy
like a wide-eyed child
dazzled and delighted
curious and captivated
alive in the night once again

shining brighter and greater

than ever before.”

~ The Asylum ~

“Hey kid! Good day! Let me help you on your way.
There’s something I’m required to say, before you check in for your stay.

First: welcome to the asylum, where we will clothe you with illusion.
Welcome to this madhouse, where you are fed with pure delusion.
We will help you go insane, just like your fathers and your mothers.
Just follow these basic rules, so you can go crazy with the others!

1) Get paid; get laid – produce more members of the state
2) Buy gear; live in fear – choose the politics of hate
3) Choose a religion; find division – no need for any proof
4) Wear a mask; lie if they ask – become the enemy of truth
5) Follow fashion; ignore your passion – conformity is the best
6) No variety; feel anxiety – avoid the judgement of the rest
7) Stress for tomorrow; save and borrow – the future is the king
8) Don’t be content; get it spent – this present moment is sickening

Yeah welcome to the asylum, within the walls of ego division.
Make yourself right at home; your cell comes with a television.
Please remember it is forbidden, to possess the nature of your self.
But make sure you have money, for your bank balance is your health!

Phew; okay.
Now that’s cleared up, we can get you checked in for your visit.
I think your cell is located just down here on the left.
You like the colour grey, right?
Oh yeah.
Just one last thing before I forget..

Smiley faces and celebrity worship! As the rulers put you through your paces!
Smiley faces and abandoned dreams! As your mind rots in office spaces!

Smiley faces and smog pollution! As you’re chatting about the weather!
Smiley faces and no solution! As you all go crazy together!

Forever! Together!
Forever! Together!


Have fun, kid.”

~ The Art of Go ~

Go. Beyond those desks; beyond those suburbs.
Go with a heavy heart and a light backpack.
Go to the lands beyond your horizons
beyond your doubts
beyond your cosy little comfort zones.

The most extraordinary things will not come knocking on your door;
the greatest treasures are not discovered by those dwelling in their caves.
This world is a living dream waiting to be explored.
Everyday it creates heroes, moves mountains and changes people forever.

So go and explore.
Don’t let the others drag you down.
Go beyond them and their fences of fear;
go into the lands which you have not yet trampled;
go to the places where the lightning strikes as the eyes
blaze bright like burning stars.

Just get up now and goddamn Go.”

~ Post-College Rebellion ~

“So I finally arrived but the businessmen say the journey has just begun;
twenty years of transitional education to be bottom facing the gun.
With a loss of direction I lament the system and nation;
for what use is any knowledge – without imagination?

And I got that post-college rebellion rushing through my veins,
spewing out my mouth and flowing down the drain.
I got post-college rebellion bleeding from my eyes,
dripping onto newspapers as I read the daily lies.
I got post-college rebellion weakening my knees,
hiking with a backpack in the mountains overseas;
post-college rebellion and I look up to the skies and plea:
is there more to life than this – is there something more for me?

‘cause I know there are forces out there that want to put me in a box,
to kneel down faithfully and kiss the finger of the man;
to place me into a cubicle where nobody ever knocks,
and dress up nicely – a component of society with a plan.

Yeah maybe one day I’ll be more conservative,
and chase the money and the power, and build a castle to live.
But now I gotta do the things that fan the flames of my desire,
the ones that kill this twitch inside and set my soul on fire.

That’s why I got post-college rebellion burning up my skin,
igniting my anxiety and turning my flesh thin.
I got post-college rebellion choking me like dust,
got me spitting out the mediocrity of this decaying social rust.
I got post-college rebellion wandering into the wild;
got me sleeping on the floor and playing like a child;
post-college rebellion and I look up to the stars and plea:

is there more to life than this – is there something more for me?”

~ Bum ~

“When your eyes hit me, I am transported,
out to foreign lands, to which I’m deported;
where I trek cross-country toward the coastline,
and hitch-hike down the highways of your mind;
where I wander through wilderness with no goal,
and sleep rough in the shipyards of your soul.
And each day when I watch the setting of sun,
I don’t care where I’m going, or where I came from;
‘cause when you look at me, I become the gypsy one,
happily lost in your world, like a drifting bum.”

~ The National Dance ~

“Consume and be consumed – in a national dance of plastic bags.
Grab your paper and head to the high-street
Flock together and shuffle your feet.
There’s windows to shop and prices to beat!


“Fulfilment is but one shop away; one more purchase to make it to the next day!”

And sway.

“Follow the fashion every day; and do the things that the billboards say!”

Spend and become spent – in a national dance of plastic bags.
Load up your credit cards and forget about the debt.
Sniff off the places where the bargains are kept .
Dance out your frenzy, it’s not closing time yet!


“Fulfilment is but one shop away; one more purchase to make it to the next day!”

And sway.

“Follow the fashion every day; and do the things that the billboards say!”

Buy. Buy. Buy.

This is your vice; your army, your war
This is your dance; your song and your floor.

Buy. Buy. Buy.

This is your stage; come sun or cold rain;
This is your movement; to dance out your pain.

Buy. Buy. Buy.

And this is your tribe; your family of spend
This is your war dance; for every weekend.

Buy. Buy. Buy.

Consume and be consumed.
Consume and be consumed.

Consume and be consumed.”

~ Stay Wild ~

“Dear child, I write you from afar
and ask only one thing for you to take into consideration for your one precious life.

Through the toils of the years, and the battles of society – I ask you to stay wild.
Consider this for you were forged in the stars, and assembled in the wilderness;
and – though illusion may pervade – nature will always remain your only real home.

Shake loose the shackles of the poachers whenever their locks tighten so.
Fight off the tyrants whenever they go near what must not be touched.
Spit out the decaying taste of the plastic soul’s dust.
Never wander too far into corporate falseness.
Stay wild – in mind, body, heart and soul.

Whenever you can, get back to your nature;
live out on the fringes, and exist on the edges,
among the wild eyes and undomesticated souls,
for that is where the magic happens.

Entertain new developments;
playfully dance with new philosophies;
and toy with new technologies
but never forget to come back,
into the trees; to the depths of the waters.
and the murkiness of the unknown.

For that is where you truly belong:
deep between the roots of the forest;
in the expansive emptiness of the clouds;
and the timeless universe of the ocean.

Where the magic happens

in the wild.”