You can buy my first book ‘The Thoughts From The Wild’ on Amazon. To view it on the UK site follow this link here.



“Breathtakingly beautiful”

“The gift of writing from the heart”

“An absolute joy of a book”

“A beautifully written poetic book straight from the heart”

“It is a great book, really well written and will certainly make you rethink your life”

“I find my daily inspiration in this book”


My second book No Filter Necessary is a mixture of autobiographical prose and poetry, a book looking at subjects such as depression, social alienation, drinking, love, and the search for life meaning. It is available to purchase here.

My first short novel Lab Rat is available here

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“I looked around at my fellow guinea-pigs realising this was where I belonged – locked up with other people pushed out to the edge and testing drugs for a living because there was no room for them in the centre of things. There was no room for me out there either. But that was okay; I had found a new way. Test drugs, travel, and write. I saw my path slowly unfolding before me. I was happy with it.” 

Lab Rat tells the story of a young man surviving by taking part in medical research trials. Known only as ‘Subject 55355’, the anonymous narrator of this semi-autobiographical novel is an aspiring writer who has just returned home after a period of travelling. His natural contempt for the world of work causes him to quickly quit his first job back. It is then, on a night out, that a stranger in a bar informs him about ‘drug trials’ – medical studies where a person can be paid large amounts of money for testing new medicines. The protagonist immediately embraces the guinea-pig lifestyle, meeting fellow drifters along the way, all the while still chasing his dream of becoming a successful writer. An existential piece of social commentary filled with black humour, Lab Rat is a classic outsider story that will resonate with anyone who has dreamed of breaking free from the rat race.