~ The Unicorns ~

The Unicorns

Real people are rare.

Sorry, but it’s true.
Just listen to the conversation
In the typical crowd.

How safe their words
How constrained their behaviour
How manufactured their movements

Where are the real people?

The ones without masks?
The ones without scripts?
The ones just doing –
Whatever the fuck it is
Their heart tells them to

Such people are unicorns
In this current society
Of careful appearances
And mass conformity

Those who do not submit
Become outcasts and outsiders
Lingering in dark rooms
Avoiding the world
Like the plague it is.

I guess that’s what makes them so rare.
But it brings warmth to my heart
To know they are out there



~ Straight From The Source ~

~ Straight from the Source ~

“Why can’t you just write something normal, you know? Why can’t you just write a book about your actual travels? Why all the weird existentialism?”

I know, I know. My writing is not radio-friendly. It’s probably not going to make me many friends. It’s also not going to be something my parents will read through with a smile on. But it is the raw truth of me that fills my flesh and bones, and in this world that is something that my soul yearns out for. I do not believe that what this world needs right now is another middle of the road story. I do not believe what we need are some more people playing it safe. No, no: I do not want to add to that. In this life what we need are a few people to stand up and show who they really are to the world. What we need is some raw authenticity and gritty truth – a look at the dirty underbelly beneath the masks and makeup of the human race. What we need are the secrets of the silent souls – if only to let others out there know that they aren’t alone with how they feel in this life.

Yes that is what we need, and so here it is from myself: the mess and madness from my mind. The scraps of insanity in my skull. The aches and pains in my heart. The things that I can never speak when I stare into the eyes of you humans, but only express once I am alone in a room at a keyboard, separated from society, the tether cut so the spirit bird can finally rise up and express itself. And yes, I know it isn’t all pretty and polished, but better to be a genuine mess from the source of the soul, than to be perfectly packaged in a fake plastic reality.”


~ What If? ~

~ What if? ~

Don’t ignore it. Don’t shrug it off. Don’t wait for it to go away or, worse yet, try to make it go away yourself. That deep feeling of abandonment towards something is your call to arms and it is your duty to follow it wide-eyed into the wilderness whenever you feel it. Such a neglect of the soul can lead to a hollow-hearted existence in which you try to buy satisfaction externally because you have rendered yourself powerless to obtain it from within. It can lead to a life of silent heartache and confusion. In a convoluted society where it’s so easy to have a thousand voices scramble your senses, one must keep their ears to their heart and learn what makes it beat with purpose and desire. One must know when to respond and not to ignore the importance of it. Because what if you thought the pull of your destiny was nothing more than a stage you were going to grow out of? What if you that voice you silenced out of fear was the voice to lead others home through the swamp? What if that walk into the woods you wanted to take but were too afraid to finally led you out towards that place you could call home?

     In this life there are few souls more incomplete than those who ignore a strong innate calling – who suppress a deep inner voice and instead allow themselves to be moulded and melded into a formulaic being who lives a life conditioned for them instead of the one they were truly destined for. Such a person grows old in bitter contempt because they allowed the fire in their eye to slowly dwindle away in exchange for some convenient and crowd-pleasing state of existence. They are left staring wistfully out of windows in morning traffic jams wondering what the hell ever happened to the colour and magic and madness of life. They are left looking for non-existent ways to alleviate them from their spiritual emptiness. There is a feeling which will warn you from this and you will know it when you feel it. You will feel it in that burning ache in the heart, in that rumble of fire in the belly – in that rushing in the veins which makes you feel strong enough to march to victory against a thousand armies. That feeling is a light, a guide – a shaman – and it is your duty to follow it whenever you feel it calling within you.

    We are our species so lost and led easily astray in the need to be accepted or to be blindly ushered through the journey of life. Too often we drown out our inner voice and suppress our true nature. Too often drift into idleness and choose convenience over exploration, acceptance over authenticity, comfort over freedom. Such a nature has lead to a society where mediocrity and banality flourishes while the real genuine thing sits ignored in the shadows. It has lead to style winning over substance, to pretty fonts and filters being more important than meaningful words – to fake plastic faces being what’s celebrated over the gritty face of someone’s raw and rugged beautiful self. It had led to a society where others are afraid to follow their inner voice.

    Something real and genuine is a rarity in those crowds of conformity and convention. And now the world needs more than ever those who are unafraid to follow the burning desire within them. So if you feel that fire of passion flaming at your gut, don’t shy away, don’t hold back – don’t tell yourself it’s ‘just a phase’. Throw it all onto the fire and give this world the brightness and warmth it needs. We need the ones with the fire in their eyes – the ones who are ready to fearlessly chase what their very hearts ache for. We need the ones who are willing to go out there and rescue their truth from the wilderness. What the world needs is the raw and rugged face of you, fearless and free, living life so beautifully and authentically that those around you will have no choice but to join you on the same path. The hour is already late wild warrior so rise up now and let your unique passion and madness leave its stain upon the world.

This world waits desperately to hear the symphony of your soul.

an inner discover