~ Out of Stock ~

~ Out of Stock ~

“It was Christmas and I walked once more alone down those streets knowing that what I wanted wasn’t available to purchase in any store. In all the shopping aisles and malls of the world, all I wanted was this grey world to be filled with some colour. I wanted the hounds of madness to be unleashed upon the neighbourhoods of normality. I wanted the skulls of the masses to be spray painted with the colours of insanity and freedom. I wanted suits to be shed, cultural scripts to be recited, adventures and passions to be pursued. I guess in the core of it what I wanted was the world to be a little less dull, but I stood there and realised the immense impossibility of the situation before me. I stared into the eyes of everyone around me and realised they just weren’t ready for that kind of adventure. It was a sad situation and all I could do was to retreat back to my laptop to pour the madness of my mind onto a blank page. I was alone in the dark, searching for the light, and there was no fat jolly man with a bag of presents that was going to save me.”