~ Keeping The Magic ~

~ Keeping the Magic ~

“Play on little one. When the nature of your heart is joy and you yearn to experience the magic of this universe, play on. Don’t let anyone convince you that life is ordinary – that life is some sort of serious task. There is nothing ordinary about this at all, and the moment they convince you that life is a serious path of toil and drudgery, is the moment when the surrounding world loses its magic. Suddenly the trees and their branches are no longer paintings and those eyes no longer shining diamonds. Don’t let that happen. Play on and wander down the rabbit hole of your imagination and curiosity. Play on and explore your dreams, your natural instinct – your insatiable appetite to have fun with the world around you. The ones who tell you that adventure and imagination aren’t important are just the children who forgot how to play. Don’t let that happen to you. Don’t become that bitter and resentful old person who doesn’t kick the football back over the fence. Don’t be the person who thinks money is more beautiful than a sunset. Shake off the shackles of seriousness; delight in the daisies of life. See the world through a child’s eyes.

Stay young now and forever.”

keeping the magic