~ Being Yourself ~

~ Being Yourself ~

“You march to a different beat. You know it. You’ve always known it. You hear the things they don’t hear, see the things they don’t see. You feel something different when you stare into those skies and walk down those busy streets. And it’s that moment when you stand and face out into the great unknown, and you feel it calling you away into the wild. The adventures. The wonders. The dreams. The magic and mystery. Don’t shy away from it any longer. It’s time to stop hiding who you really are. It’s time to stop dwelling in a life which doesn’t fulfil your soul. Accept you are destined for something more than another standardised existence. Break free from that crowd. Emerge into the light of your truest life. Move fearlessly towards the shores of your own destiny. Ruthlessly pursue your unique passions and gifts. Be bold. Be different. Be beautiful.”



~ The Outsiders ~

~ The Outsiders ~

“Too often in this life I have stood before non-understanding eyes, unable to explain how I feel, unable to communicate my total and profound incompatibility with absolutely everything that surrounded me. Too often it has been a case of standing on the sidelines and observing how mindless conformity was rewarded while originality and genuity was neglected. At first, like many, I thought something was wrong with me; that there was an illness that must be cured so I could be like the others. With this in mind I silenced my inner voice and tried to fit myself into the paradigm of my society; but like a jigsaw piece taken from the wrong puzzle, any attempts to slot myself into place only twisted me up and left me worse off than ever. Confused, I returned to those sidelines, trying to make sense of my place in the world. It was a place that was empty; a place that was solitary. It was the place of the outsider.

To others out there who stand on the sidelines and stare in, know that you are not alone in this madness. The problems with cultures is that they seek to mould and meld every unique individual into a particular shape and form – into a being who sees reality in the same way as everyone else, who follows the same path as everyone else. It is a mechanical system and not all of us were meant for such a rigid path or confined state of being. The truth is the second we join a crowd and fit in we sell off a part of ourselves – and for some of us that part of ourselves is simply not worth selling off. There are as many ways to experience life as there are as many people on the planet, and if we were all to follow that same path, the world would quickly become a nightmarish, Orwellian nightmare devoid of art, originality and colour. A fresh perspective is truly priceless in this world and any society needs its outsiders to create the novel, to see the new and rescue the wisdom from the wilderness. This normally comes at a great cost to the individuals who are destined to walk their own path away from the herd.

From the outsiders who do not follow the script of culture and convention, we are often troubled. We suffer anxiety in a crowd, we remain frustratingly misunderstood by those around us, we often turn to the bottle to try and create some excitement. But the cost of all of this is one that must be paid to protect ourselves; it is the price that must be paid to protect the heart of original thought and being. For it was the outsiders who pushed the boundaries of art and science. It was the outsiders who charted the uncharted, who said what hadn’t been said, and who saw what the others could not see. And no doubt in this age it will be the outsiders who will save us all from losing our minds and destroying the very planet we live on.

So here’s to the outsiders, misfits and eccentrics. Here’s to the artists, adventurers and explorers. Here’s to those who march to a different beat; who dance to a different tune. Don’t be afraid to stand up from the crowd and be your true self. Go out there and shine your light. Wear your colours. Scream a little with whatever sets your soul on fire. Fearlessly explore the new and original. Fight for what you believe in. Go forth into this world and don’t compromise your unique nature. Your free soul is a precious and beautiful gift. So hold onto it all you can. Stay wild. Stay weird. Stay wonderful.

This world needs you more than you know.”



~ A Warrior of the Wild ~

~ A Warrior of the Wild ~

“And there comes a moment in your life when you know that they have failed to break you down. As you emerge with those eyes full of fire from the swamps and storms, as you throw down the muck and mess and madness – as you stagger forth fearlessly with the light of the cosmos still blazing bright in your heart. You will know that they have failed to break you down. When you hear that wolf still growling inside your head – still untamed, still rising up – your raw truth still propelling you forward against all the hollow-hearted and empty-eyed creatures who abandoned the very essence of life and themselves. You will know they have failed to break you down. When you remember that you chose love and not hate; courage and not fear; freedom and not slavery. And though your journey through the wild may have left you scratched and scarred, your very flesh will shine in the sun like a beautiful beacon of victory. You will bear the marks that show you fiercely followed your heart – that show you walked the path of the wild warrior. You’ll bear the marks that show you went out there and lived a life, and didn’t just exist in one.”



~ What If? ~

~ What if? ~

Don’t ignore it. Don’t shrug it off. Don’t wait for it to go away or, worse yet, try to make it go away yourself. That deep feeling of abandonment towards something is your call to arms and it is your duty to follow it wide-eyed into the wilderness whenever you feel it. Such a neglect of the soul can lead to a hollow-hearted existence in which you try to buy satisfaction externally because you have rendered yourself powerless to obtain it from within. It can lead to a life of silent heartache and confusion. In a convoluted society where it’s so easy to have a thousand voices scramble your senses, one must keep their ears to their heart and learn what makes it beat with purpose and desire. One must know when to respond and not to ignore the importance of it. Because what if you thought the pull of your destiny was nothing more than a stage you were going to grow out of? What if you that voice you silenced out of fear was the voice to lead others home through the swamp? What if that walk into the woods you wanted to take but were too afraid to finally led you out towards that place you could call home?

     In this life there are few souls more incomplete than those who ignore a strong innate calling – who suppress a deep inner voice and instead allow themselves to be moulded and melded into a formulaic being who lives a life conditioned for them instead of the one they were truly destined for. Such a person grows old in bitter contempt because they allowed the fire in their eye to slowly dwindle away in exchange for some convenient and crowd-pleasing state of existence. They are left staring wistfully out of windows in morning traffic jams wondering what the hell ever happened to the colour and magic and madness of life. They are left looking for non-existent ways to alleviate them from their spiritual emptiness. There is a feeling which will warn you from this and you will know it when you feel it. You will feel it in that burning ache in the heart, in that rumble of fire in the belly – in that rushing in the veins which makes you feel strong enough to march to victory against a thousand armies. That feeling is a light, a guide – a shaman – and it is your duty to follow it whenever you feel it calling within you.

    We are our species so lost and led easily astray in the need to be accepted or to be blindly ushered through the journey of life. Too often we drown out our inner voice and suppress our true nature. Too often drift into idleness and choose convenience over exploration, acceptance over authenticity, comfort over freedom. Such a nature has lead to a society where mediocrity and banality flourishes while the real genuine thing sits ignored in the shadows. It has lead to style winning over substance, to pretty fonts and filters being more important than meaningful words – to fake plastic faces being what’s celebrated over the gritty face of someone’s raw and rugged beautiful self. It had led to a society where others are afraid to follow their inner voice.

    Something real and genuine is a rarity in those crowds of conformity and convention. And now the world needs more than ever those who are unafraid to follow the burning desire within them. So if you feel that fire of passion flaming at your gut, don’t shy away, don’t hold back – don’t tell yourself it’s ‘just a phase’. Throw it all onto the fire and give this world the brightness and warmth it needs. We need the ones with the fire in their eyes – the ones who are ready to fearlessly chase what their very hearts ache for. We need the ones who are willing to go out there and rescue their truth from the wilderness. What the world needs is the raw and rugged face of you, fearless and free, living life so beautifully and authentically that those around you will have no choice but to join you on the same path. The hour is already late wild warrior so rise up now and let your unique passion and madness leave its stain upon the world.

This world waits desperately to hear the symphony of your soul.

an inner discover


~ An Original Path ~

~ An Original Path ~

It’s okay wild warrior. You feel different from them because you are different. There’s nothing wrong with you at all. You don’t need to change and there is no reason for you to hide or compromise who you really are. There are as many ways to see reality as there are as many people on the planet. The secret they don’t want you to know is that there is no such thing as ‘normality’. Normality is relative and changes from culture to culture, from country to country – from decade to decade. It is nothing more than an ever-changing, collective hallucination about how life should be lived. Recognise this simple fact and liberate yourself from the masses out there frantically tripping over themselves in the rush to fit into the same mould. Trust in yourself and embrace your alien madness. We all face the same fate at the end of the road anyway, so just go for it: live a life that is true to yourself. Live a life that contributes to the human adventure. Live a life so ferocious and free that even the gods sit on the edge of their seat as they marvel from above.”



~ Hunted ~

~ Hunted ~

“Forget that “you can be anything you want to be” bullshit they told you in school. This society cannot stand true individuality; it cannot stand seeing an empowered individual being happy while living an alternative lifestyle. I know this because I decided to live life my way and not society’s from a young age, and for that I have been hunted relentlessly. They have come after me with their stabbing stares and piercing comments. They have come after me with their nets of fear and hatred – with their weapons of degradation and mockery. Life can be a relentless struggle, but I have learnt how to survive. I have even began to enjoy the thrill of their hunt. I am out on the wild plains and I run with the hunted. I run with the wild horses. I run with the madmen and maniacs – with the artists and adventurers. My hair is messy and my spirit uncombed. I warm myself with the fire in my heart. I feast off the carcass of my own madness. I experience great periods of isolation and solitude, but I will never quit. I will never let them capture or tame me; I will never let them drag me down. I shall run with those wild horses until the setting of the sun.”


(taken from my book ‘The Thoughts From The Wild’ available here)


~ An Unsolved Puzzle ~

~ An Unsolved Puzzle ~

“Cultures are like jigsaw puzzles and not all of us slot so easily into place. The pieces who don’t fit in are usually the ones who realise that there isn’t even a puzzle to be solved. Life is not about being pushed down and being rigidly confined in one spot forever; it is about exploration, evolution, and changing shape. That is the fundamental structure of the universe after all – a constant movement of waves and energy. Why allow yourself to be trapped and restricted by other pieces? Why be one shape when you can be many? So just don’t do it. Don’t be just one thing. Don’t let your entire existence in the universe be defined by some job title. Be a nurse by day and a unicorn by night. Be here, there and everywhere. Be weird – be stupid – be absolutely off-the-wall crazy. Whatever it is you do, please, just don’t be a jigsaw piece.”