~ Into Your Eyes ~

~ Into Your Eyes ~

Into your eyes, I fall
Hurtling through space
Out there beyond the ether of my ordinary reality
There is no connection to ground control
No light to guide me back safely.

Into your eyes, I fall
Forgetting my name
My country, my language
Whatever the hell it is
I’m supposed to be.

Into your eyes, I fall
And become a drunken sailor
Out on some endless ocean
Where the waves leave me seasick
With the thought of ever losing you.

Into your eyes, I fall
And feel myself become someone
Who stares at the sky
And birds sat on branches
While feeling some kind of magic.

It’s a crazy thing
And the sensible thing to do
Would be to look away
And not keep getting lost
In this strange and surreal dream.

But the dream is just too good
So into your eyes, I fall
And imagine future days
With you by my side.

Into your eyes, I fall
And feel myself become apart
Of something larger than myself.

Into your eyes, I fall
And feel my walls
Come crashing down.

And into your eyes, I fall
To accept that I won’t be
The same person


~ Finally ~

~ Finally ~

Here she is, finally
Standing before me
Something I only ever dreamt of
In some deluded way
During times of darkness
And defeat.

A quiet humbleness comes over me
Like standing before a natural force
With a depth and beauty
I just can’t understand.

I always felt about the age of thirty
I’d stop my rampage
And meet the woman
Who would finally straighten me out.

Dylan called it ‘shelter from the storm’
And it certainly feels that way
As the warmth of her 
Causes puddles of pain
To form at my feet.

In the morning I lie with her in bed
Her dog lays beside it
His head rested on the carpet 
Eyes staring up at me
With a knowing look of recognition.

I say goodbye, kiss her
Walk out into the day
And suddenly things are different
The little things don’t matter
Trivial troubles are nothing.

I smile and say hello to the people I pass
I hold the shop door open for the person behind me
Everything is okay;
Life is not so bad after all.

I know that this feeling probably won’t last
But for now, it’s enough
To know that a single soul can shine so brightly
Like sunlight coming through the forest canopy
Breathing life into my world
Blooming my flowers
Turning me into a dreamer

And if this is just another delusion
Then let me stay deluded
For my world has never looked so good
Now that I know
She’s in it.


~ Morning Light ~

Morning Light

Still falling in love with it all
These days it’s getting worse
The twinkling lights in her eyes
The birds flying in the dawn sky
And the reflection on the water

Maybe it’s me getting older
But I can feel myself evening out
Experiencing some sort of contentment
As I stare into those pupils
Into the universe of her soul
Letting myself feel some joy
As the despair drifts away.

I never believed in angels
But sometimes it’s hard not to
At least see where the idea came from
Like in those good moments
Watching her smile as she awakens
The light coming through the window
Another day stirring like
A quiet happiness in my heart.

I have dwelled in the darkness
Been haunted by strange voices
Hunted by demonic creatures
Loomed over by the vultures

And that is how I know the light
When I see it

That is how I know
She’s the one
To throw open the curtains
And finally show me 
What this life 
Is about.