~ A Kingdom Untouched ~

~ A Kingdom Untouched ~

There is a flag which flies in my heart. 
It flutters in winds of hate and dances in storms of pain. 
It stays raised proudly at full mast in the darkest of all nights. 

There is a flag which flies in my heart.

It will never be replaced by another. 
No tyrant will ever take it down; 
nor storm wear it away,
forever it will flutter free in that breeze, 
overlooking untamed lands.

There is a flag which flies in my heart.

It is the flag of joy
the flag of hope
the flag of adventure 

it is the flag of a kingdom 
which will never be conquered 
in this life, 

or the next.


~ The Responsibility of Freedom ~

~ The Responsibility of Freedom ~

“So many people say they want freedom, but very few actually mean it. Being truly free means thinking for yourself. It means being solely responsible for the direction in which way your life is heading. To a lot of people that is a terrifying prospect. People would rather sink back into their sofas and be told what to think; they would rather follow the crowd than instinct – would rather be guided by an institution than intuition. The reason why is that living freely is the greatest form of responsibility there is. It means being the sailor of your own ship. It means trusting yourself to the water and self-navigating the ocean. Ultimately, being truly free means getting up to look in the mirror everyday knowing that it is you – and only you – who is responsible should you drift off course and end up sinking into the abyss.”