~ Untitled ~

~ Untitled ~

I’m not going to force it
And pretend I’m feeling something I’m not
I’m just gonna talk about what I see, before me:

It’s a late-spring evening outside my window
The blossom on the trees has come and gone
And now what is left are bright green leaves
Waiting for the sunlight of the summer months.

They wait as they sway back and forth in the wind
And I, too, feel the breath of the world in my lungs
As my elbows rest on the hard wood of my table
While writing down these words one by one.

What is coming tomorrow?
I really don’t know
I have no plans, no job,
Nothing much going on at all.

I’m currently living on government benefit
Going on long walks along the river
Searching supermarkets for reduced food
And browsing the internet for hours a day

I do have a job to go back to next month
But for now it’s just the job of existing
Breathing the air, eating the food
Falling asleep for eight hours every night

It’s a job I’m at least competent at
And look, I even find other ways to exist:
Such as writing poems
And philosophising
As I stare out of windows
Watching my life breeze by
With no particular meaning.


~ Daft Daydreamer Delusions ~

~ Daft Daydreamer Delusions ~

Some days I dream about solitude
About becoming some sort of hermit
Residing in a cave of my own making
Meditating for hours each day
Living off the bare essentials
Exploring my inner world.

Some days I dream about going away
To a place where sanity is banished
And all the logic and reason of the world
Is permanently banned.

Some days I dream about holding on
To my character and soul
And not letting this world rearrange me
Just to see how I turn out:
A madman or a poet.

Many men dream of taking chances
And perhaps there is no greater risk
Than following your own inner voice
When it tells you to leave the farm
Of regulated normality.

A part of me yearns to leap
Into the untamed wilderness
But reality stares at me menacingly
Snapping its teeth and licking its lips
Daring me to venture out beyond the fences.

Thoughts of starvation hound me again
So I guess I’ll just keep on doing what I can
Finding my way on this safe farm
Earning money, paying bills
Sitting on sofas and staring into space
The days disappearing
As these daft daydreamer delusions
Drift on through my mind.


~ Life Through the Veins ~

~ Life Through The Veins ~

Too often you go through life on autopilot
Not even realising that you aren’t awake
And alert to the beauty around you.

Then one day something shakes you
It isn’t some great epiphany of light
Rather it’s usually something simple
Be it the sight of a bird resting on a branch
A crescent moon resting over a city skyline
Rain droplets running down the window glass
Or a small child running with a natural joy
That you had long forgotten about.

Maybe it’s a certain song
Or a combination of sound and sight
Birds tweeting as the sun rises over the hills
Setting off a morning chorus in your own soul.

At every moment of life, we are ready to awaken again
And see that we are wandering in some work of art
And every moment is full of mystery and magic
And that things aren’t so bad after all.

As the earth twirls in space
As the oxygen fills your lungs
As the stars shimmer in the night sky
And your heart beats in harmony 
With the whole of the universe.

Know that you are alive.


~ Right Where I Belong ~

~ Right Where I Belong ~

Smelling the grass and the flowers
Lying in this field of contentment
There is no rush to be anywhere 
I’m happy to just lie down
And let this life wash over me.

Other things I could be doing
Productive things, they like to say
Well, it all comes back to this anyway
The purpose of being will always be here
As everyone runs toward some illusionary goal.

To be miserable in a mansion
To be depressed with diamonds
To be sick with success
And lonely in the crowd

It’s clear to me that where life is
Is nowhere else but nature
And this joy is found
At the root source
Of everything worth doing.

I grew from the dirt of this earth
Like a flower of circumstance
And it is when I am surrounded
By all of this beauty
That I finally feel in touch
With my true essence

Let my dreams burst
And my thoughts bloom
And my happiness blossom
And please, do not think of me as lost

Like the lone eagle in the sky,

I am right where I belong.


~ Inner Song ~

~ Inner Song ~

Something in my spirit sings
Though the days get dark
And the path gets twisted
Something inside of me
Sings ever so softly.

On those manic days
When the world seems to stand against you
And faces of hatred glare at you
And the demons encircle you
There is this something
That I have always felt
Harmonising within.

It’s kinda like a defiant laugh
A secret strength from somewhere
Sourced from some unspeakable knowledge
That is the result of all my years
Of overcoming struggles
Which did not break me.

Something in my spirit sings
As thunder rumbles around me.

Something in my spirit sings
As the lightning strikes the roof.

Something in my spirit sings
As the rain comes flooding in.

Defeat, destruction, 
Asteroids crashing down
Tsunamis pounding my shores
None shall stop my song.

Even in death,
Hear my melody play on.
The sound of a universal spirit
That can never
Be silenced.


~ Everything Is Going To Be Alright ~

~ Everything Is Going To Be Alright ~

In my arms, I hold you
And feel the fire of all the stars
Burning in my heart
And igniting my soul

This universe has created great things:
Exploding nebulas, oceanic planets
The rings of Saturn
Glittering galaxies

And it also created you.

It created something as perfect
And precious
As you.

The way you feel in my arms
Your body beating and breathing
Is like the whole thing doing its magic
An entire universe that came into being
For the existence of you.

It could never have been any other way
It was always meant to happen
And as your eyes look up into mine
As your cheeks glow as you smile
I become a believer
Of something I can only feel
But not explain.

Everything is going to be alright.


~ Thawing Out ~

~ Thawing Out ~

My bones like bare branches
Shake and shiver in the wind
That runs through my body

This internal winter is howling
As the wolves encircle me
As the frost forms upon my leaves
As mountainous horizons surround me

It seems like spring isn’t coming
Maybe it doesn’t happen anymore

To go on and endure
Is now all that I can do
Searching for some warmth in the wilderness
To sustain this soul

Oh, what this life can do to a person
To leave them wandering in a space
Where the kindest eyes can’t see
And loving words not reach.

I’m not dead
But I’m stuck somewhere
Where the moonlight doesn’t inspire me
Where music doesn’t resonate
And even this poetry
Doesn’t do much anymore.

There is nothing to do but wait
And look for signs of life
Some sunlight coming forth
From the clouds of discontent
To burst the buds from my branches
And thaw out my frozen spirit
That sits waiting for the touch 
Of something it has almost


~ Into Your Eyes ~

~ Into Your Eyes ~

Into your eyes, I fall
Hurtling through space
Out there beyond the ether of my ordinary reality
There is no connection to ground control
No light to guide me back safely.

Into your eyes, I fall
Forgetting my name
My country, my language
Whatever the hell it is
I’m supposed to be.

Into your eyes, I fall
And become a drunken sailor
Out on some endless ocean
Where the waves leave me seasick
With the thought of ever losing you.

Into your eyes, I fall
And feel myself become someone
Who stares at the sky
And birds sat on branches
While feeling some kind of magic.

It’s a crazy thing
And the sensible thing to do
Would be to look away
And not keep getting lost
In this strange and surreal dream.

But the dream is just too good
So into your eyes, I fall
And imagine future days
With you by my side.

Into your eyes, I fall
And feel myself become apart
Of something larger than myself.

Into your eyes, I fall
And feel my walls
Come crashing down.

And into your eyes, I fall
To accept that I won’t be
The same person


~ Finally ~

~ Finally ~

Here she is, finally
Standing before me
Something I only ever dreamt of
In some deluded way
During times of darkness
And defeat.

A quiet humbleness comes over me
Like standing before a natural force
With a depth and beauty
I just can’t understand.

I always felt about the age of thirty
I’d stop my rampage
And meet the woman
Who would finally straighten me out.

Dylan called it ‘shelter from the storm’
And it certainly feels that way
As the warmth of her 
Causes puddles of pain
To form at my feet.

In the morning I lie with her in bed
Her dog lays beside it
His head rested on the carpet 
Eyes staring up at me
With a knowing look of recognition.

I say goodbye, kiss her
Walk out into the day
And suddenly things are different
The little things don’t matter
Trivial troubles are nothing.

I smile and say hello to the people I pass
I hold the shop door open for the person behind me
Everything is okay;
Life is not so bad after all.

I know that this feeling probably won’t last
But for now, it’s enough
To know that a single soul can shine so brightly
Like sunlight coming through the forest canopy
Breathing life into my world
Blooming my flowers
Turning me into a dreamer

And if this is just another delusion
Then let me stay deluded
For my world has never looked so good
Now that I know
She’s in it.


~ Shackled ~

~ Shackled ~

Like a seabird in oily water
Or a turtle stuck in plastic
I want to rise up from this mess
And break free from this muck
That the world has poured onto me

I know these wings can flap
I know my soul can sing
And that my spirit can soar
Into skies of light and life

But here I am:
Caught like the rest
Cemented down and
Starved of something essential

I have become like so many on these streets
Trapped in an unfulfilling life
Weighed down by something silent
No longer hunting what is mine
Or doing what comes natural

Now I sit in traffic jams
And stare at electronic screens
Now I collect my prey in plastic
Packaged for me on supermarket shelves

Now getting out of bed in the morning
Seems like a pointless task.
And my greatest endeavour
Is buying discounted food.

God, give me some wilderness once more
Give me the sunlight rising over the mountains
Give me the sound of rain on the forest canopy
Give me the eagle circling high above the canyon

Just give me something pure
And untamed
To awaken my soul
Loosen my shackles
And bring me back home
To myself.