~ Time to Turn ~

~ Time to Turn ~

There comes a point where you need to stop lying to yourself. 

You are hurting.
You are hurting and it’s not something that is going to be cured with a pill
Or a new pair of shoes
Or screaming at a referee
Or bottles of liquor
Or rough sex

You are hurting because you have neglected the nature of the soul
You have chosen acceptance over authenticity
Comfort over adventure
Ignorance over exploration
Convenience over fulfillment 

You have failed your child soul
Abandoned your passions
Allowed yourself to become moulded and melded down
Into a life of crowd-pleasing acceptance
That fills your pockets 
And not your soul

My child, 
Collect yourself and begin again
Toss aside their script of convention
Return to the woods of infant madness
Leave the safe farm and find what you have forgotten

It’s always been there, around you
The magic and mystery of life
The truth of your own being
The starry skies of infinite wonder

Yes, collect yourself and begin again
Be still in the enveloping silence of the night
Feel the breath of the cosmos whisper through your veins
Let your mind become clear of all mist 
Let your heart’s compass be recalibrated

There it will slowly emerge:
the direction you lost track of
the direction you drifted from

the direction to take you home
to those shorelines of the soul and spirit

That long for you to return

To the kingdom of yourself.


~ A Kingdom Untouched ~

~ A Kingdom Untouched ~

“There is a flag which flies in my heart. It flutters in winds of hate and dances in storms of pain. It stays raised proudly at full mast in the darkest of all nights. There is a flag which flies in my heart. It will never be replaced by another. No tyrant will ever take it down; nor storm wear it away. Forever it will flutter free in that breeze, overlooking the lands of the wild. There is a flag which flies in my heart. It is the flag of joy, the flag of courage, the flag of adventure – the flag of a kingdom which will never be conquered in this life, or the next.”