~ Marginalised ~

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~ Marginalised ~

We stand in desperation on nightclub dance floors, waiting for a future spouse to drunkenly stumble into our lives. We stand in desperation in those supermarket queues, dreaming of something that can not be purchased in any store. We scroll in desperation on those smartphone screens, looking for a connection that will not come. We have been marginalised from a young age and taught that happiness comes from external things; because of this we are separated from our own souls and unable to fulfil ourselves from within. There is a solemn emptiness that afflicts so many out there silently dwelling in lives that are slowly suffocating them day by day, week by week, year by year. People so separated from their own souls; people so marginalised by advertisements and media; people who no longer know who they are because their inner voice has been drowned out by others. Naturally we search for something to alleviate our pain, but the solutions put on offer just don’t seem to contain the answer. Material goods and substances only twist us up more; graduations and promotions still leave us with the same old problems; antidepressants keep us comfortably numb to our internal pain. In our hearts we know that true fulfilment can only come from inside ourselves, but so very few are willing to take that journey inward to visit the deepest parts of their own souls. The journey inward requires shedding all the illusions and delusions you’ve entertained for so many years. It requires looking into the mirror and facing up to who you really are. It’s no easy task to awaken oneself from a comfortably numb existence, so many stick their heads in the sand, turning their face away from the glory of life, never seeking to take the journey inward and unearth the treasure that lies waiting within…

Make no mistake about it: in this life there is no greater state of being than the one in which you are able to generate your own sense of self and worth from within. Choosing to venture inward rather than constantly chase external things, will ultimately stop you from being sucked into a life of relentless unfulfillment and spiritual emptiness. As the maker of your own happiness, you will no longer be a marginalised citizen of the state, but an empowered human-being. You will no longer be sleep-walking through life, alive to the mystery and magic. You will no longer be alienated from your own soul, but self-actualised, complete – deeply in touch with your own existential core – the person who no longer looks for external things for completion, but who stands up tall holding the treasure of themselves knowing that the days of senseless emptiness have come to an end.

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