~ The Sound of Your Soul ~

~ The Sound of your Soul ~

“Send up a flare. Write your words. Graffiti the walls with your darkest secret. Spill your pain onto a blank canvass. Express yourself without fear or filter. In this world not many have the guts to speak totally from the soul – to take off the mask and step forth into the revealing daylight. The world is full of judgmental eyes that are ready to resent you for being unashamedly yourself. Some may avoid you, some may dislike you – some may actively despise you. Make no mistake about it: the life of authenticity is not an easy one to live, but the rewards of doing so will leave your soul stirring with an incredible feeling of freedom. That is the feeling of knowing you are living your life and not someone else’s; the feeling of knowing the words you utter are genuine and sincere; the feeling of knowing that you didn’t shy away from life, but instead went out and offered yourself to the world in all your truth and totality. Too many souls have already been silenced, so don’t let yours also be confined to the shadows. Be yourself. Sing your song. Share your story. Let the words in your heart be spoken out loud. Even if your voice cracks, step up onto life’s stage and let the world know the sound of your soul.”



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