~ A Sad Silence ~

girl alone

~ A Sad Silence ~

“In this life not many things hurt more than the feeling of being totally misunderstood. Being constantly surrounded by people who don’t really understand you leads to a form of loneliness that is far worse than that of being alone. You linger in crowds and act out their script, but in the meanwhile you feel distant and detached from what is going on. People think they know you but just a few seconds inside your head would cause them to never see you in the same light. Those words and feelings you just keep to yourself, because you know that they just wouldn’t understand. And when you hold so much inside yourself for so long, it’s only a matter of time until the burden of it all begins to weigh you down. Those words you carry heavy in your heart as you wander through life, letting empty sentences leave your mouth, putting on a normal face and just going along with it all. In the meanwhile you daydream about sharing your secrets with a stranger. You scribble sentences into notebooks that nobody will ever read. As the years drift by and your truth remains unvoiced, gradually you feel something inside of you begin to scream out under the pressure of it all. You just want more than anything to open the gate and show others your inner world, but there just seems to be no way to open up. And so alone in that world you continue to dwell: separated from everyone around you as the years drift by. One day you imagine you’ll find the right words and the others will understand. Their eyes will fall on you as they finally see you for who you really are, but until then it was the situation of being locked away with the words that are never spoken; the songs that are never sung; the scars that are never seen. It’s only a matter of time before that isolation leads to you losing your mind completely. I guess I’ve been crazy for a few years now.”

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