~ Rolling The Dice ~

the spirit of the wild
~ Rolling the Dice ~

“Life was relatively straightforward if you listened to your brain and followed sensibility and convention. But to be truly and totally yourself? To follow your heart through the wilderness? That’s where the real action was at. That was the gateway to the treasure. Yes, on the journey you were guaranteed isolation, doubt and a whole load of other things, but you were also guaranteed thrill, adventure and a deep inner fulfilment the likes of which could not be purchased in any store. In this life those that truly follow their heart are few and far between. Most will dilute themselves down in order to find an acceptable place in society; most will sacrifice their passions for convenience and trade their dreams for security. It takes something different to abandon such notions and follow the heart with reckless abandon towards one’s deepest desires. Perhaps it even takes a little bit of madness. After doing this for some years, I’ve come to realise that yes – it is a life of pain and discomfort. It’s a life of unpredictability and risk. You may not make it. You may end up going insane. Hell, you may even die alone in some roadside ditch. But giving it a shot is what has made my life an adventure to write home about. It has made me able to look into the mirror and be proud of the person staring back at me. In those eyes I see the wildfires of life; in those eyes I see the unbreakable spirit of the wild. In those eyes I see the look of someone who went out and experienced life, rather than let themselves walk safely to the grave without ever knowing what it was like to taste true freedom.”


~ An Inner Flame ~

~ An Inner Flame ~

“So often it’s in an individual’s deepest, darkest moments where he or she summons the strength to shine the brightest. So if you someone with that fire blazing in their eye, know that it didn’t come easily.

More often than not it burns bright because it has felt the flames of hell.”



~ The Dance ~

~ The Dance ~

“On your deathbed you will look back on your life, and the question you will ask yourself before the curtain is drawn will be whether or not you danced a good dance. As the light of this life fades away and you leave the transient vessel of your body, the question you will ask yourself is whether or not you actually lived your one life upon the stage of planet earth. In this world there is no greater tragedy than a life that was stubbornly not lived – than a flower that never bloomed out of the fear of showing its true colours – either to itself or others. Too often we hear of elderly people regretting decisions about working too much and abandoning their passions. Too often it’s too little too late for so many. The question of whether you danced a good dance is the greatest question you will ever answer, and only one that can be truly answered in the last moments of your life. In all of life’s hustle and bustle, did you remember to move? Did you remember to live? Did you remember to dance?”

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~ Overcoming The Fear of Flying ~

~ Overcoming the Fear of Flying ~

“Always we look up at those birds in the sky and daydream about taking flight. But we rarely think about the fact that those birds are just doing what they are born to do – spreading their wings and flying. We are all human-beings and while we may not have wings to fly, we sure as hell have legs to run, fingers to write, mouths to sing and a whole damn world to explore. The only way for us to be like the birds is to just do the things which come profoundly naturally – the things we feel deep down we were born to do. To some that could be painting, it could be surfing or climbing mountains; to some maybe it’s even something as simple as gardening. Whatever it is, the only way to taste the freedom of flight, is to allow ourselves to do the things which make us feel absolutely weightless. In this increasingly convoluted world, it’s easy to let our lives become a chore of convention and expectation, but the day we neglect the nature of our soul is the day that the sky has one bird less. A human-being who spends their whole life ignoring their true inner nature is simply the bird that refused to spread its wings. A human-being who is prevented from doing that by another, is a bird that has been captured and caged. Don’t let either of those bleak scenarios happen. In our darkest moments, we all secretly know we could do with a few more free birds up there to inspire us all. So, go on – let go and take a leap of faith. Don’t let the weight of this world grind you down. Jump the nest of comfort and convention. Follow your instinct. Hunt that horizon. Explore your passion.

Spread those wings and become what you were born to be.”


(taken from my book ‘The Thoughts From The Wild’ available here)


~ The Way You Will Be Tamed ~


~ The Way You Will Be Tamed ~

“The way you will be tamed will not be sudden. It will not be when a big cage crashes over you, or when you are caught in a thrilling chase across the plains. The way you will be tamed will be subtle and slow, over many years and decades. The way you will be tamed will be with stabbing stares, with piercing comments – with heavy hands on shoulders that diminish your dreams and quell your inner voice. The way you will be tamed is when the fearful slowly drag you down with them; when they do anything not to see you run wild and free – for they know it is that very sight which causes them to reflect on their own limitations. The way you will be tamed will come over many social interactions, over many looks in the mirror, over many family dinners.

However – if you can grow a thick enough skin to endure the stabbing stares and piercing comments – then such a thing will never happen. As you retain your authenticity and walk wild onto the shores of destiny, then you will know that you made it. As the skies open, as your song soars, as the others stop trying to pull you down – as they finally let go and label you crazy – you will know what it is to be truly free.”


~ A Journey Of Passion ~

~ A Journey Of Passion ~

“It is true. There is no greater pleasure in life than giving absolutely everything you have toward that which makes you feel alive. To give it all to your passion – to that which makes your heart dance and your toes twitch with excitement. Yes, this can mean solitude; it can mean messy hair and tired legs; it can mean going insane behind a keyboard at 3am. But make no mistake about it: nothing stirs the blood more than when you get lost in the wonderland of your own joy and imagination. In a world so often darkened by mediocrity and banality, the greatest way to respond is to not to attack the darkness, but to set fire to your soul and light up the shadows around you with the flames of your own inner being. Our passions carry the power of the stars. Without them, our eyes start to dim and our minds become stale; without them we fall into the pits of simply existing and no longer living. To give up on your passion is to give up on yourself – it is to give up on whatever the hell it means to be alive. So whatever it is that makes you feel alive, do it. Do it and do it with every last drop of your soul. Don’t let anyone else belittle your aspirations. Don’t let that spark inside be put out by convention or culture. Follow your bliss wide-eyed all the way to the grave. As a wise man once said, ‘it’s the only good fight there is’.”


~ Raising Your Voice ~

~ Raising Your Voice ~

“In an insecure society they will shoot you down for speaking your own mind. The masses do not want to hear or see things that rattle the cages of their psychological prisons. But do it anyway. Live your passion; wear your madness. There are already enough people hiding who they are – who are letting themselves slowly wither away in crowds of conformity. What this world needs is something raw; what it needs is something real. What this world needs right now is the sound of your soul roaring out into the night.”