~ A Journey Of Passion ~

~ A Journey Of Passion ~

“It is true. There is no greater pleasure in life than giving absolutely everything you have toward that which makes you feel alive. To give it all to your passion – to that which makes your heart dance and your toes twitch with excitement. Yes, this can mean solitude; it can mean messy hair and tired legs; it can mean going insane behind a keyboard at 3am. But make no mistake about it: nothing stirs the blood more than when you get lost in the wonderland of your own joy and imagination. In a world so often darkened by mediocrity and banality, the greatest way to respond is to not to attack the darkness, but to set fire to your soul and light up the shadows around you with the flames of your own inner being. Our passions carry the power of the stars. Without them, our eyes start to dim and our minds become stale; without them we fall into the pits of simply existing and no longer living. To give up on your passion is to give up on yourself – it is to give up on whatever the hell it means to be alive. So whatever it is that makes you feel alive, do it. Do it and do it with every last drop of your soul. Don’t let anyone else belittle your aspirations. Don’t let that spark inside be put out by convention or culture. Follow your bliss wide-eyed all the way to the grave. As a wise man once said, ‘it’s the only good fight there is’.”


~ Raising Your Voice ~

~ Raising Your Voice ~

“In an insecure society they will shoot you down for speaking your own mind. The masses do not want to hear or see things that rattle the cages of their psychological prisons. But do it anyway. Live your passion; wear your madness. There are already enough people hiding who they are – who are letting themselves slowly wither away in crowds of conformity. What this world needs is something raw; what it needs is something real. What this world needs right now is the sound of your soul roaring out into the night.”


~ A Fire Inside ~

~ A Fire Inside ~

“There is only so much pain a man can endure before he is either destroyed totally or rises up against his demons without fear. As those monsters did their work on me, I stopped searching the skies for help and turned my gaze inward. It was only then that I found the temple of peace and warmth I had yearned for. The candles of contentment have been lit and their flames flicker to illuminate the darkness that once consumed me totally. I used the flames of hell to my own gain and started a fire that keep the demons cowering in their darkness. An eternal life blazes within me as I stand here burning up on this rock, incarnate in a human body, proud to exist and breathe the air, proud to look outward at the storm of existence knowing that there is an inner flame of joy that will never be extinguished.”

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