~ An Inner Wealth ~

~ An Inner Wealth ~

“They want you to feel insecure. They want you to feel disempowered. They want that flame in your heart to fizzle out. Why? Because when those things happen then you can be marginalised. And when you can be marginalised they can make you look to external things for happiness. And when you look to external things for happiness suddenly they piss down on you from their billboards, from their newspapers – from their radios and television stations. They want you to feel ugly, to feel poor, to feel inferior to everyone else around you. They want that because when you feel those things suddenly they can try and sell you a load of crap you don’t need to try and make yourself feel better. Save yourself the hassle and remember that you have an entire universe pulsating inside of you. Save yourself the hassle and remember that you are a goddamn human-being surfing a rock through an infinite universe. You live in a world of beautiful nature. You don’t need expensive designer clothes and that HD television – your life is already a cinematic experience beyond compare. Unplug yourself from the insanity of a consumerist society that will never have enough ‘things’ for those thing addicts. Practice mindfulness; explore your creativity – learn the joy of exercising your body. Enjoy the simple pleasures of silence and the touch of rain. Tune into nature and not prime time television. When you do all of those things for a while suddenly you understand that true wealth comes from within – suddenly you understand that there is a wealth inside you greater than all the gold and diamonds in this world.”


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