~ Walking The Shores Of Life ~

~ Walking The Shores Of Life ~

“Like footprints in wet sand, our lives are so fleeting and fragile – temporary cosmic patterns that will eventually succumb to the tides of transience. What we do with the time we have here shapes the patterns we make, and perhaps even influences a few who follow in our footsteps, yet everything in this universe including ourselves and everyone we love will eventually be swept back into the ocean of eternity. It is not that which should be a cause for despair, but which should rather be the salvation we have longed searched for. For with the knowledge that this is but a temporary dream, life becomes precious and wonderful beyond words. With this knowledge your mind is alleviated from trivial worries and stress, and you remember what is truly important in life. You do not wish to waste precious time on that which is insulting to your being, but to give your all to that which fills your soul and makes your fingertips flicker with excitement. You do not wish to waste time trying to overpower and destroy others, but instead to help and love the ones close to you – to make their existence a little easier, a little more filled with joy and colour and light and adventure. So go wild one: don’t be afraid to walk those shores of life with love and wonder in your heart, with the breeze of the cosmos in your hair, with the waves washing the sand from your bare feet. Don’t be afraid to wander wild and free through the dream of what it is to exist. Yes, one day your path will end; one day the sun will set on the horizon as you return to the ocean of eternity. But when that time comes, you’ll be ready to return to those waters knowing that you lived a life of joy, passion and love – rather than one of fear, hatred and regret.”

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(taken from my book ‘The Thoughts From The Wild’ available here)


~ Popping The Bubbles ~

~ Popping The Bubbles ~

“Most people get a glimpse of the world beyond normality at some point in their lives. Maybe it’s the beauty of a sunset moment when walking in the park, or an indescribable sensation when listening to a song, or an existential pondering when looking up at the stars. Although most people get a glimpse of the wilderness beyond culturally-defined reality, very few are actual willing enough to venture down the rabbit hole. In my life, every time I tried to remind people how small they are and how trivial their worries are in the grand scheme of an infinite universe, people would quickly roll their eyes and change the conversation. I never quite understood that though. To me, expanding the scope of your thoughts and popping those bubbles we live in was the most liberating thing on earth. The more of those bubbles I popped, and the more I ventured down the rabbit-hole, the easier life was – the more beautiful life was. The worries fell away and the cracks in the pavement again appeared as magical as they did when I was a child. Clearly, I was in the minority though. Most people were not ready to let go of the virtual realities cultures created inside their minds. Most people would rather watch televisions than sunsets. Most people would rather open magazines than their minds. Most people would rather look solemnly down at the floor, than gaze curiously up at the stars.”



~ The Road Less Travelled ~

~ The Road Less Travelled ~

“Always say no to the things that insult your soul. If the safe highway requires you to feel pain, then walk alone through a forest of bliss. There is a priceless pleasure in living a life true to yourself. It is not something that can be purchased in a store, or downloaded onto a computer, or stored in a house. It is the magic of the wild – the magic of trusting yourself to the water and learning how to swim. Yes, the path can get scary, and you often walk alone, but better to breathe in the air of solitude than to slowly suffocate to death in a crowd.”

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~ A Separate Space ~

~ A Separate Space ~

“You may look for me in the everyday places but you will not find me there. The offices. The streets. The suburbs. The supermarkets. Yes, it’s true that I may sometimes be there in body, but please know that my soul and spirit are somewhere far away over the hills. If you are looking for the real me then come find me out in foreign fields of discovery, chasing my bliss and staring into sunset skies with a mind on fire. Find me lost in the woods of madness, tumbling down rabbit-holes and talking to the fairies. Find me out on the plains of the wild, running toward the horizon with wide eyes and an open heart. I am sorry but I just don’t know how to stay grounded in those concrete realities; I don’t know how to keep my mind locked in world of sensibility and stability. To me they are barren and desolate lands which only suffocate and starve my soul. So if you’re looking for the real me then come out beyond the fence and find me. There I’ll be on the other side of sanity, playing in the grass of eternity, swimming amongst the stars of infinity – happily lost in my own wonderland until the end of my days.”


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~ Rebel Flower Rising ~

~ Rebel Flower Rising ~

“Another day of bohemian madness was unfolding and there I was on the trail, wandering through the countryside somewhere in Spain, hopelessly lost in the dream of what it is to exist. I was deep in thought when I lifted my eyes toward the field beside me and was suddenly stopped in my tracks. I put my backpack down and stood there in silence staring at it. Amongst all those hunchback pieces of wheat with their slouched shoulders was a singular red poppy standing tall and proud. In its stark simplicity, it was one of the most beautiful things I’d ever seen. It stood out courageous and beautiful; it rose without fear or regard for what everything else around it was doing. Captivated by the sight, I stood there for a few minutes in the midday heat, watching that flower sway in the summer breeze. At the time I couldn’t really say why, but the simple wonder and majesty of it moved me beyond words; it was a sight of nature that said something deep and meaningful to my soul.

Later on that day, I was sat in the hostel courtyard thinking about it when I got speaking to a fellow hiker on the table beside me. As we talked about life and the walk over some red wine, I gradually began to realise that I had just met the sort of person I had hoped existed for a while. We shared the same esoteric views on life; we both had crazy and chaotic minds; we both wanted to live a life of travel and exploration. However, unlike me, she was unashamedly different – letting her weirdness shine bright and not hiding the fact she would pick up dirty bits of string on the road to use as bracelets, or that she spent her time popping people’s blisters while working in a homeless shelter back home.

Feeling an instant affinity with one another, we walked together for the next few days, sharing the contents of our minds, walking through fields of bohemian bliss, listening to music under the shade of trees. As the midsummer sun beat down, I looked into her eyes and remembered that I wasn’t entirely alone in my madness – that there was another one of me out there wandering with the wind. Finally right in front of me was the sort of person I’d searched for in the eyes of strangers on streets, the eyes of strangers on trains – the eyes of strangers in bars and clubs and restaurants. Now that we were together every second was a fountain of joy and inspiration.

When I reflect back upon that day, it made so much sense why that flower in the field had such an impact on me. All my life I have hid the fact I was different, but hiding my true colours has slowly suffocated me from within. Like that girl had also shown me, it was always better to just embrace your differences and be totally unafraid to stand out from the rest. After all, it was that very thing that allowed me to spot her so easily from the crowd. It’s so important to let your unique madness blossom because somewhere out there is someone like you looking for someone like them; out there someone waits silently in the crowd, waiting to be inspired to let their soul sing out in all its glory. So don’t be afraid to stand up; don’t be afraid to shine bright. In a world where everyone tries to fit into the same mould, don’t be afraid to be that rebel flower rising in a field of wheat.”


(taken from my book ‘The Thoughts From The Wild’ available here )


~ The Lion’s Roar ~

~ The Lion’s Roar ~

“There is a new age coming
I can feel it in the air
The winds of change will soon lift
A million minds out of despair

There is a new dawn beginning
I can see it in their eyes
The wilted flower will now blossom
And the caged bird will finally rise

There is a new adventure calling
I can hear the dying of the fear
The suppressed voices of silent souls
Will soon sing out loud and clear

Because now is the turning of tides
When the water cannot be beaten
Now is the time of great hunger
When the lions have not yet eaten

And the hearts of fire will see no more clouds
As sunlight returns to their kingdom
And the wild ones will roar out loud
As they claim back those lands of freedom.”

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