~ Walking The Shores Of Life ~

~ Walking The Shores Of Life ~

“Like footprints in wet sand, our lives are so fleeting and fragile – temporary cosmic patterns that will eventually succumb to the tides of transience. What we do with the time we have here shapes the patterns we make, and perhaps even influences a few who follow in our footsteps, yet everything in this universe including ourselves and everyone we love will eventually be swept back into the ocean of eternity. It is not that which should be a cause for despair, but which should rather be the salvation we have longed searched for. For with the knowledge that this is but a temporary dream, life becomes precious and wonderful beyond words. With this knowledge your mind is alleviated from trivial worries and stress, and you remember what is truly important in life. You do not wish to waste precious time on that which is insulting to your being, but to give your all to that which fills your soul and makes your fingertips flicker with excitement. You do not wish to waste time trying to overpower and destroy others, but instead to help and love the ones close to you – to make their existence a little easier, a little more filled with joy and colour and light and adventure. So go wild one: don’t be afraid to walk those shores of life with love and wonder in your heart, with the breeze of the cosmos in your hair, with the waves washing the sand from your bare feet. Don’t be afraid to wander wild and free through the dream of what it is to exist. Yes, one day your path will end; one day the sun will set on the horizon as you return to the ocean of eternity. But when that time comes, you’ll be ready to return to those waters knowing that you lived a life of joy, passion and love – rather than one of fear, hatred and regret.”

girl shore.jpg

(taken from my book ‘The Thoughts From The Wild’ available here)

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