~ The School Of Self

~ The School of Self ~

“Do not look always outward toward teachers and institutions for guidance and knowledge. Don’t be scared to venture inward into the galaxies of your own mind, your own experience and your own intuition. Your very flesh and bones are the outcome of billions of years of cosmic drama, and within yourself lies the fundamental fabric of the entire universe. If you allow yourself to be perpetually marginalised, limited by convention and to chase after the external, then you will never unearth the hidden treasure that you carry within. Each and every one of us has some untouched gold in the hearts within our chests. The combination to it will not be found while allowing yourself to be molded shut by the formulaic and unimaginative. The world waits desperately to hear the symphony of your soul. So don’t suppress it any longer. Become your own teacher; learn your own dance; sing your own song; walk your own path. The greatest discoveries are made by those brave enough to explore the kingdom of themselves.”

hidden wonderland

(taken from my book ‘The Thoughts From The Wild’ available here)

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