~ The Trip Of A Lifetime ~

~ The Trip of a Lifetime ~

“We are all on a one-way highway towards death. Stop kidding yourself and accept that fact. In every second we are cruising towards a cliff that drops into the abyss of the unknown. There is no way off this road; there is no secret turn-off hidden somewhere to the side. Life is transient and you are going over that edge whether you like it or not. So please stop wasting so much time stressing. Stop spending the entire ride trying to tighten your seat-belt. Some people rush around their whole lives trying to make themselves safe, working and toiling and creating the illusion of permanence, but I promise you that it doesn’t mean a thing in the end. The end of the road is coming whether we like it or not. This is not something to be sad about; this is not something to avoid thinking about – it is something to celebrate. It is the very thing that sets you free. Look outside your window and marvel at your environment. You are a human-being riding a rock around a big ball of fire. You live in a world of mountain peaks and dancing clouds. You are the most intelligent creature in the known universe, living at a time when horizons are easier than ever to conquer. Don’t be afraid to sit back and enjoy the ride. Don’t be afraid to stick your head out the window, screaming like an utter madman with the winds of life soaring against your face. I promise you that when the road finally ends – you will look back and smile. You will look back in complete fulfilment knowing that you were alive, knowing that you were free – knowing that you experienced the trip of a lifetime to the absolute, goddamn full.”


(taken from my book ‘The Thoughts From The Wild’ available here)

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