~ Popping The Bubbles ~

~ Popping The Bubbles ~

“Most people get a glimpse of the world beyond normality at some point in their lives. Maybe it’s the beauty of a sunset moment when walking in the park, or an indescribable sensation when listening to a song, or an existential pondering when looking up at the stars. Although most people get a glimpse of the wilderness beyond culturally-defined reality, very few are actual willing enough to venture down the rabbit hole. In my life, every time I tried to remind people how small they are and how trivial their worries are in the grand scheme of an infinite universe, people would quickly roll their eyes and change the conversation. I never quite understood that though. To me, expanding the scope of your thoughts and popping those bubbles we live in was the most liberating thing on earth. The more of those bubbles I popped, and the more I ventured down the rabbit-hole, the easier life was – the more beautiful life was. The worries fell away and the cracks in the pavement again appeared as magical as they did when I was a child. Clearly, I was in the minority though. Most people were not ready to let go of the virtual realities cultures created inside their minds. Most people would rather watch televisions than sunsets. Most people would rather open magazines than their minds. Most people would rather look solemnly down at the floor, than gaze curiously up at the stars.”


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