~ An Inner Discovery ~

~ An Inner Discovery ~

“You can search as long and as far as you like. You can search the high-streets. You can search the bars and the dating websites. You can search the mountains, the holy buildings – the yoga retreats. But if you do not eventually journey inside yourself, then all external searches will do is leave you with a headache and tired legs. Everything you desire you already carry within the backpack of your being. Take it off, unzip it and stare into the beautiful madness that is your own soul.”

an inner discover


~ The Dance ~

~ The Dance ~

“On your deathbed you will look back on your life, and the question you will ask yourself before the curtain is drawn will be whether or not you danced a good dance. As the light of this life fades away and you leave the transient vessel of your body, the question you will ask yourself is whether or not you actually lived your one life upon the stage of planet earth. In this world there is no greater tragedy than a life that was stubbornly not lived – than a flower that never bloomed out of the fear of showing its true colours – either to itself or others. Too often we hear of elderly people regretting decisions about working too much and abandoning their passions. Too often it’s too little too late for so many. The question of whether you danced a good dance is the greatest question you will ever answer, and only one that can be truly answered in the last moments of your life. In all of life’s hustle and bustle, did you remember to move? Did you remember to live? Did you remember to dance?”

the dance.png


~ Before The Bonfire ~

~ Before the Bonfire ~

One day it’s all going to turn to dust. The diamonds will turn to dust; the streets will turn to dust; the cities will turn to dust; your bones will turn to dust. The star that now gives us life will swallow everything whole. Nothing will stay solid; nothing you could possibly build here on earth will last the outgrowing fire of our burning sun. It’s all going to crumble and be incinerated in a great cosmic bonfire which will turn everything into smoke flowing throughout the galaxies of our universe. In fact, most things in your life will turn to dust just a few decades or centuries after you die. Your car will become dust, your clothes will become dust, your jewellery will become dust; you and everyone you ever loved will become dust. If this fact scares you, then it shows that you are perhaps too attached to the idea of a permanent material reality. No matter how much you cling to power and permanence, the cosmic drama of the universe will pay absolutely zero attention to your illusions. So many of us out there ignore the basic fact of transience – that we are mere matter momentarily manifested as living organisms for a brief amount of time. No doubt many of us are not ready to face this harsh fact. But if you ever have a particularly stressful day at work, then you might want to give it a try. You can look at those problems as mere dust. You can look at those hateful faces as mere dust. You can look at those mountains to climb as mere dust. With profound humility and appreciation for temporary conscious existence, suddenly life becomes a momentary dance – fleeting and free flowing. Suddenly life becomes as magical as an early-morning dream. Suddenly life becomes precious and beautiful and wonderful beyond words.”



~ A Hidden Wonderland ~

‘A Hidden Wonderland’

Somewhere deep inside your soul
there is an abandoned amusement park
waiting to be explored again

its entrance is taped off
its grounds sit shrouded in fog
but somewhere in there lies eternal bliss
the bliss the demons sweat in terror
at the thought of you finding

the rides await your screams of ecstasy
the candy floss awaits your taste-buds
the neon lights wait to shine bright
and the only admission cost
is that you are brave enough to venture in

in this life there is no tragedy greater than
allowing your inner joy to slowly decay
to allow the roller-coasters to rust in the rain
and let a heart creak hauntingly in the night

the reason this happens;
the reason your joy lies abandoned –
is because they made you forget
that you are the gatekeeper to your own wonderland
that the magic is found inside you, not outside

but if you would only remember who you really are
than the power will return within
the roller coasters will start up again
and the lights blaze bright once more

because somewhere deep inside your soul
there is an abandoned amusement park
waiting to come alive again

so go on in
through the mist
beyond the tape
and rediscover the joy
like a wide-eyed child
dazzled and delighted
curious and captivated
alive in the night once again

shining brighter and greater

than ever before.

hidden wonderland


~ Coming Home To Yourself ~

~ Coming Home To Yourself ~

“You’re lost and you’re searching for the answer. But the truth is you already know it. You’ve always known it in your flesh and bones. You know who you are, what you want, and what makes you feel infinite. Maybe the billboards and the advertisements and the opinions of others got you a bit confused for a while. Maybe you still are confused trying to live up to someone else’s expectations – but somewhere deep down you know what makes you tick, what makes you feel weightless and free – what makes your existence feel as effortless as sunrise and sunset. If you’re still struggling to find it then my advice is to take yourself away from the hysteria of society. Get away from that television, from that newspaper, from that phone, from those cities and crowds. Get away and reside in the magical world of nature for a while. Out there in the serene silence of the wild is the voice of truth and reason that has been suppressed. Out there is where you sober up from the cultural madness. Out there is where your mind is cleansed and you no longer need to search or prove yourself to others because you know exactly who you are.

It’s a crazy adventure to come back to who you were before everyone else told you who you should be. It can be scary, confronting – and even dangerous – but if any journey is worth making, then it is the one that brings you home to the kingdom of yourself.”


(taken from my book ‘The Thoughts From The Wild’ available here)


~ The School Of Self

~ The School of Self ~

“Do not look always outward toward teachers and institutions for guidance and knowledge. Don’t be scared to venture inward into the galaxies of your own mind, your own experience and your own intuition. Your very flesh and bones are the outcome of billions of years of cosmic drama, and within yourself lies the fundamental fabric of the entire universe. If you allow yourself to be perpetually marginalised, limited by convention and to chase after the external, then you will never unearth the hidden treasure that you carry within. Each and every one of us has some untouched gold in the hearts within our chests. The combination to it will not be found while allowing yourself to be molded shut by the formulaic and unimaginative. The world waits desperately to hear the symphony of your soul. So don’t suppress it any longer. Become your own teacher; learn your own dance; sing your own song; walk your own path. The greatest discoveries are made by those brave enough to explore the kingdom of themselves.”

hidden wonderland

(taken from my book ‘The Thoughts From The Wild’ available here)


~ Popping The Bubbles ~

~ Popping The Bubbles ~

“Most people get a glimpse of the world beyond normality at some point in their lives. Maybe it’s the beauty of a sunset moment when walking in the park, or an indescribable sensation when listening to a song, or an existential pondering when looking up at the stars. Although most people get a glimpse of the wilderness beyond culturally-defined reality, very few are actual willing enough to venture down the rabbit hole. In my life, every time I tried to remind people how small they are and how trivial their worries are in the grand scheme of an infinite universe, people would quickly roll their eyes and change the conversation. I never quite understood that though. To me, expanding the scope of your thoughts and popping those bubbles we live in was the most liberating thing on earth. The more of those bubbles I popped, and the more I ventured down the rabbit-hole, the easier life was – the more beautiful life was. The worries fell away and the cracks in the pavement again appeared as magical as they did when I was a child. Clearly, I was in the minority though. Most people were not ready to let go of the virtual realities cultures created inside their minds. Most people would rather watch televisions than sunsets. Most people would rather open magazines than their minds. Most people would rather look solemnly down at the floor, than gaze curiously up at the stars.”



~ A Kingdom Untouched ~

~ A Kingdom Untouched ~

“There is a flag which flies in my heart. It flutters in winds of hate and dances in storms of pain. It stays raised proudly at full mast in the darkest of all nights. There is a flag which flies in my heart. It will never be replaced by another. No tyrant will ever take it down; nor storm wear it away. Forever it will flutter free in that breeze, overlooking the lands of the wild. There is a flag which flies in my heart. It is the flag of joy, the flag of courage, the flag of adventure – the flag of a kingdom which will never be conquered in this life, or the next.”



~ The Fight ~

~ The Fight ~

“If anything is worth fighting for, then it is the contents of your heart. In this world there are so many people out there who want to steal the treasure from within your chest. They want to see you deprived of your magic. They want you to be another empty soul beaten down into silent submission, totally afraid to show their true self to the world. But such an existence is a prison and you did not come here to suffer such a terrible fate. So whenever those poachers encircle you, rise up and fight them off at all costs. Grit your teeth. Let slip the roar of freedom. Be bold. Be fierce. Be fearless. Fight to the death to protect that magic inside of you. If you can migrate across the plains of life with that still intact, then you will know that you made it. If you can die with a heart still full of gold, then you will know that you lived a life of unbreakable beauty and courage.”



~ A Priceless Pleasure ~

~ A Priceless Pleasure ~

“I do not want gold or diamonds. I do not want my own parking space at work. I do not want to be popular, or to be noticed when I walk in a room. Such things are only hollow joys – pleasures dependent on the opinions of others. No, I only want what I have always wanted deep down. I want to feel myself wander free through the woods of discovery. I want to feel bewitched by the stars and corrupted by the animals. I want to feel the wind and rain drench me to the bone as I delight in the sheer joy of being alive. With the spirit of adventure in my blood, I will joyously hunt those horizons of freedom; possessed by the magic of nature, I will forever delight in the daylight of dawn. No status or riches are required for such pleasure. Just give me the simplicity of light, air and rain, and you will see me bloom like the flowers in the meadows, you will see me dance like the leaves in the wind – you will see my soul swoop and soar like the birds that welcome the skies of an unstoppable spring.”

pricless pleasure