~ An Inner Strength ~

~ An Inner Strength ~

“I am not the most stable person. I have few practical or pragmatic skills. I often lose or break anything that I have to take care of. I am also not good with organisation or common sense. In this mechanical world, I struggle greatly to fit into anything. Life can be hard, but I have some things that help me survive. I don’t know how to ‘play the game’, but I do know how to pour every last drop of my soul into what I care about. I don’t know how to fit in well with the crowd, but I know how to stand up for myself and stay strong in my own company. My mind is stained with madness and I don’t expect to be understood in this life or the next, but I have learnt how to be fine with that too. As long as this madness still shines, then I know that I’ll survive. As long as this fire inside still burns my gut, then I know I’ll walk through life with a private joy which will never be extinguished.”


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