~ Out Of Character ~

~ Out of Character ~

“I thought I was walking into the wonderful wilderness of life but suddenly I found myself upon a stage. The spotlight shone down on me and I was forcefully ushered in one direction. I was then given a state-approved script to follow and a character to play. Slightly confused, I looked down at that script, opened it up and read away. As I scanned through the lines I quickly realised I had little to zero interest in it. From what I could see it was a bad play. The plot was stale, the acts monotonous, and the characters one-dimensional. According to their script I was supposed to define my entire existence in the universe by a singular job title. I was supposed to buy things I didn’t need to seek the approval of people I didn’t like. I was supposed to save for a distant retirement while toiling away the best years of my life in some company that saw me as a number on the screen.

I was only young, and I faced pressure from people all around me to join their little stage act, but I decided to toss their script in the bin and walk off the stage. Screw them, I thought, and screw anyone who tells another person the way they have to live their life. I’m not sure why I was spawned on this planet with these strange humans hiding behind masks but it certainly wasn’t to ‘fit in’, pay bills and die. Life is precious and I will not waste it doing things I have no interest in just because it’s culturally expected. I will not allow my imagination and creativity to be slowly murdered by a blinking television screen. I will not sit in traffic jams every week of my life as the fire in my eye slowly fades. No, no, no: I will not allow any of those things to happen because I am here to make my life a beautiful adventure. I am here to help and inspire others to live a life true to themselves. Even if it means an early death, I am here to live a life that fills me with so much wonder and passion and joy that the flowers around my grave blossom with the colours of insanity and freedom.”

out of character.jpg

(taken from my book ‘The Thoughts From The Wild’ available here)

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