~ The Prisoners ~

~ The Prisoners ~

“You do not have to be physically confined in a cell to be a prisoner in this world. Some of the most enslaved souls walk amongst us every day in our very streets and neighbourhoods. Maybe they dress normal, look normal and speak normal, but hidden behind a polished exterior can often lie a mind that has been beaten down and shackled into passive submission over many years. Perhaps they had an unwanted religion forced on them in childhood; perhaps they had their hopes and dreams degraded by their peers; perhaps they had been psychologically manipulated into a way of life that slowly killed them from the inside. Whatever it was, you never knew what was really happening behind a salesman’s smile or a cashier’s small-talk. You never knew who was out there silently searching for help. Whenever you stopped and looked around at the crowd that momentarily formed at the traffic lights, you just never knew who was trapped in a prison from which they could not escape.”


(taken from my book ‘The Thoughts From The Wild’ available here)

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