~ Moments Alone ~

~ Moments Alone ~

“There are times when there aren’t enough words or combinations of words to explain yourself to the others. There are times when it is simply too exhausting to stand once again before non-understanding eyes and feel the futility of conversation. In those times what is needed is complete solitude, a total release from the suffocation and toxicity of the crowd. What is needed is a return to nature to remind yourself that, although you may be often misunderstood in society, the universe still holds a home for you out in the wild. It holds a home for you in those empty fields, sunset shores and lonely forests. It holds a home for you in the untamed spaces of freedom and purity. And often all that is needed to carry on is a moment out in that wild – staring out at a sunset sky or listening to the water sing its way down a meandering stream – that you remember that somehow, in all the mess and madness of this world, you are and always will be totally where you belong.”

alone-boulders-idyllic-426893 (1).jpg

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