~ Towards the Ineffable ~

~ Towards the Ineffable ~

Into those unknown lands you will venture
with your mind ignited by apprehension and awe
with your soul stirring with the springs of life
with your feet treading into the kingdom of self

The journey will be one of solitude and unease
the road will not be straightforward or well-trodden
and the way will drench you with discomfort and doubt
but into those unknown lands you will venture

outward across the plains of freedom
inward through the universe of yourself
tumbling down the rabbit-holes of your mind
tasting the fruits of life which you have starved for

you always felt it since you were a child
an inner pull to some ineffable joy
the magic of the universe waiting to be found
the treasure they told you wasn’t there – being there

and now as you walk toward it wild and free
the voices of fear will call you back
the caged souls will try to drag you down
the reflection in the water will turn and test you
but they will all fail like darkness against dawn

because into those unknown lands you will venture
bound by a desire to slip beyond the ordinary
unmoved by hate and ignorance
shaking off the shackles of slavery
unearthing the secrets of the soul
playing freely in the grass of eternity
swimming amongst the stars of infinity

discovering what it is

to truly – be alive


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