~ Cast Away ~

~ Cast Away ~

“I remember the moment clearly my friend. It was on the mountain that day when I saw you were a cast away soul. It was in your eyes – the way you stared into that sunset sky. I’d seen that wistful look before in mirrors of the past. You were homesick for a place you’d never been; homesick a place you’d never known. Like me, you also felt betrayed by the universe that you’d been abandoned on this rock, chained down by gravity, trapped in a cage of slowly decaying flesh and bone. This planet could not offer you the grand adventure you craved. You were a foreign thing: a wayward wanderer of the cosmos, crash-landed and stranded in a world full of things you just didn’t understand. The situation was strange, and what was left to do but stare up into those skies, waiting for something to come and take you home.

Yes my friend, I know. I know that your soul longs to sail up there through the stars and not toil in this mud, but together on this rock we shall live out a blazing adventure that will make the stars above weep with envy. Maybe we will not reach those faraway galaxies, but with a heart full of passion and a mind full of imagination we shall embark on a voyage that will have the gods on the edge of their seats. Our journey through the wilderness will be dangerous and daring. We shall cross rivers of fear and climb mountains of wonder. We will travel into the depths of ourselves and explore the places where few dare to venture. The poachers will come and try to tame our wild hearts, but we shall fight them off at all costs. We will live a life of ferocious intensity, of complete and utter fullness, and when we die we’ll leave this world behind, ready for the next adventure, ready for the next voyage – ready to sail back to that starry ocean of infinity where we truly belong.”

mountain man sunset


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