~ Time To Rise ~

~ Time To Rise ~

“I know you kept it hidden away for so long. Facing out at that grey world, you were sure it would never understand the things you kept locked away deep inside yourself. You stared into their eyes and sensed that they weren’t ready for the things you had contained in your heart. It was a world of culture and convention; of tradition and expectation; of concrete and sanity. You felt incompatible with what was presented to you. And so you locked it all away. You suppressed your inner voice; you hid your true nature. But please wild one: a little courage – a little courage. Whether you feel like it or not, this world is your home and there are people and places out there ready for you. With a little trust in yourself and you will be led down paths of tremendous beauty and mystery and magic. You will create and do the things that will leave you truly fulfilled. You will experience a new plain of being – the plain of the one who lives every day as an epic adventure in the unknown. Yes, not all will appreciate your authenticity, but the ones who do will welcome you with loving arms. So go on – go forth and take the leap of faith. Throw open your heart. Let the spirit birds locked away inside rise up into skies of freedom. Let yourself migrate towards the shores of your own destiny. Live a life so fierce and fearless that the others have no choice but to join you on the quest of freedom. God only knows, in these dark times we could do with a few more free birds up there to inspire us all.”


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