~ A Life Lived True To Oneself ~

~ A Life Lived True To Oneself ~

“Stop worrying about what the others think of you. I know you want them to see things from your perspective, but the fact is they are not going to want to understand you, they are not going to try to understand you, and – even if they did – they are not going to understand you. Most people in this world are simply too busy or uninterested or incapable to consider worlds and perspectives other than their own. Accept it and move the hell on. Move on to the lands which make your toes dance and your fingertips flicker with excitement. Move on to the lands where no explanation is required for you to be your true authentic self. This is your one shot at life: don’t waste precious time on things that insult your soul; don’t mindlessly conform to mediocre expectation and convention; don’t allow your unique individuality to be suppressed in concrete crowds of conformity. I know that in a world where fitting in is paramount, often it’s an isolating act to believe in yourself and follow your own inner voice. Sometimes you will have to walk alone, sometimes you will face opposition – sometimes you will feel naked and vulnerable and nervous. But just do it anyway. Break free from the mold. Follow your bliss. Do whatever the hell it is that sets your soul on fire and use that passion as fuel for your long journey into the wild. Trust me: it will power you, it will sustain you – it will warm your soul with an indescribable inner joy. Nothing will be able to quell it. Even on the stormiest days, a life lived true to oneself is enough to keep you dancing in the rain.”


(taken from my book ‘The Thoughts From The Wild’ available here)

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